Cleste Ampermetru Digital pentru masurare curenti de fuga, cu o rezoluție de 1 uA BENNING CM 9

General Details

The alternative solution for insulation measurements

Error-related leakage currents are caused by weak insulation or insulation damages. The BENNING CM 9 allows quick and precise localization of all error types. By means of preventive measurements, possible damages due to uncontrolled leakage currents can be avoided in advance.

Non-linear loads arising e.g. from motor drives with adjustable speed, frequency converters or mains supply units for office equipment and LED lamps generate a reactive power in the mains. As a result, multimeters and current clamps working with the so-called averaging measuring method („RMS”) will display the measured values with reduced accuracy.
In many cases and particularly in industrial environments, it is therefore absolutely necessary to use state-of-the-art „TRUE RMS” measuring instruments. The „TRUE RMS” measuring method indicates the actual effective value of an alternating current correctly – irrespective of whether the signal waveform of the current is sinusoidal or distorted.

The device is constructed and tested in accordance with DIN VDE 0411 Part 1 / EN 61010-1, DIN VDE 0404-4.

  • measurement of leakage currents and differential currents in electrical systems (VDE 0100) and devices (VDE 0701-0702, BetrSichV ( = German Health and Safety at Work Regulations))
  • highest resolution of 1 μA in the 6 mA measuring range
  • reliable and easy detection of insulation faults (e.g. defective cables, loose terminals, contamination, moisture)
  • measurement without switch-off during normal operation of the system/device
  • ideal for preventive maintenance and fault localization (protection against damages and personal injury, blackouts etc.)
  • precise and reproducible measuring results up to
    100 A
  • optimum screening against external magnetic fields
  • compare function signalises exceeds the respective threshold (0,25 mA, 0,5 mA, 3,5 mA)
indicating range 6.000
basic accuracy 1 %
AC voltage
DC voltage
AC current 1 μA – 100 A
DC current
effective power
power factor (cos φ)
volt sensor
memory HOLD, PEAK
measuring method TRUE RMS
max. clamp opening 40 mm
measuring category CAT III 300 V
item no. 044065
instruction manual Download
technical report (german) Download
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