Multimetre digitale BENNING MM 5-1 si MM 5-2

General Details

Digital Multimeters – compact, precise and innovative

Innovative Digital Multimeter series with TRUE RMS measuring method and integrated Volt sensor

  • precise due to TRUE RMS measuring method
  • µA DC current range (400,0 µA DC/ 4000 µA DC) (MM 5-2)
  • continuity test by means of red LED and buzzer
  • integrated Volt sensor for non-contact signaling of phase voltages and cable breaks in lines (red LED
  • rubber holster with integrated magnetic hanger
  • carrying case included in delivery

Industrial environments requires TRUE RMS measuring instruments!

Non-linear loads arising e.g. from motor drives with adjustable speed, frequency converters or mains supply units for office equipment and LED lamps generate a reactive power in the mains. As a result, multimeters and current clamps working with the so-called averaging measuring method („RMS”) will display the measured values with reduced accuracy.

In many cases and particularly in industrial environments, it is therefore absolutely necessary to use state-of-the-art „TRUE RMS” measuring instruments. The „TRUE RMS” measuring method indicates the actual effective value of an alternating current correctly – irrespective of whether the signal waveform of the current is sinusoidal or distorted.

indicating range 6.000 6.000
basic accuracy 0.5 % 0.5 %
voltage AC 0.1 mV – 600 V 0.1 mV – 600 V
voltage DC 0.1 mV – 600 V 0.1 mV – 600 V
current AC 1 mA – 10 A
current DC 0.1 µA – 10 A
resistance 0.1 Ω – 40 MΩ 0.1 Ω – 40 MΩ
continuity/diode yes/yes yes/yes
frequency 0.01 Hz – 50 kHz
capacity 0.01 nF – 1 mF
temperature – 40°C up to + 400°C
voltsensor yes yes
measuring method TRUE RMS TRUE RMS
measuring category CAT III
600 V
600 V
item no. 044070 044071
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