Tester de aparat BENNING ST 750 A

General Details

Appliance Tester for testing electrical appliances and medical electrical devices

  • testing according to
    • DIN VDE 0701-0702: testing of electrical appliances/equipment
    • DIN VDE 0751 (EN 62353): testing of medical electrical devices, such as hospital bed
    • DGUV Rule 3, BetrSichV (German Health and Safety at Work Regulation), ÖVE/ÖNORM E 8701 and NEN 3140
  • innovative – indication and operation via colour LCD touchscreen
  • powerful – memory card for more than 100000 tests


  • automatic manual and auto-configurable testing procedures
  • complete test sample/customer database can be stored on SD card and thus is directly available at the place of inspection
  • management of large test sample inventories with more than 100000 storable device tests per SD card
  • direct test sample/customer entry via touchscreen keypad
  • measuring result with “pass/fail” indication and acoustic warning signal, if the test has been failed
  • help function and schematic connecting diagrams
  • separate 4 mm test sockets and IEC connector
  • 3 x USB interface, 1 x RS 232 interface
  • software update possible via SD card/USB stick
  • The BENNING ST 750 A Appliance tester is equipped with an integrated storage battery for maintaining the function of the user interface in case of a mains power failure.

Measuring functions

  • protective conductor resistance with 200 mA DC and a testing current of 10 A AC
  • insulating resistance with a testing voltage of 50 V to 500 V (adjustable)
  • protective conductor current/contact current via differential current measurement method, alternative leakage current measurement method or direct measurement
  • functional test with indication of leakage current, mains voltage, load current, effective power, apparent power and measuring time
  • testing of device connecting cables and extension cables
  • additionally for VDE 0751: device leakage current, leakage current of application part type B, type BF and type CF

BENNING PC-Win ST 750 Software

  • professional PC software for the management and documentation of recorded measuring values
  • import and export function of existing test sample and customer databases via MS Excel®
  • instruction manual available by means of help function
afișaj 5,7″ ecran LCD tactil color, 1/4 VGA
rezistența conductorului de protecție 1 mΩ – 20 Ω
rezistența izolației 0,01 MΩ – 300 MΩ
curentul cablului de protecţie/curentul de contact prin metoda curentului diferenţial, metoda curentului de scurgere alternativ sau măsurare directă 1 μA – 20 mA
verificarea liniei RPE, RISO, verificare la scurtcircuit și verificarea continuității conductorului de fază (L) și conductorului neutru (N)
tensiune/curent 0,1 V – 300 V / 0,01 A – 16 A
putere efectivă/putere aparentă 1 W – 4.000 W
interfață 2 x USB, 1 x RS 232
dimensiuni/greutate 405 x 330 x 165 mm/aprox. 6 kg
dotare la livrare aparat de verificare în geantă impermeabilă (IP 67) şi rezistentă la rupere, cablu de verificare cu clemă tip crocodil, cablu pentru aparate, card SD 2 GB
articol nr. 050320
Video (germană) .mpg (1280 x 720 px, ca. 610 MB)
manual (engleză) Download
Raport tehnic – Verificarea electrică a echipamentelor de lucru (germană) Download
Raport tehnic – Aparat de măsurare VDE BENNING ST 750 A (germană) Download
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