Tester profesional de continuitate și circuit Benning DUTEST Pro

General Details

Professional Continuity and Circuit Tester for testing of high and low-resistance

  • reliable detection of faulty wiring, contacting errors and cable interruptions
  • fast locating from defective fuses, lamps, wires and short-circuits
  • the result of the continuity test and diode test is shown via LED and buzzer
  • optical indicator of resistance by 3 yellow LED’s: 0 – 100 Ω/1 kΩ/ 10 kΩ
  • acoustic indication via testing buzzer up to approx. 100 Ω
  • external-voltage indica­tion: 6 V – 400 V
  • polarity indication
  • single-pole external conductor test (phase) via 4 mm test probe (red phase LED flashes)
  • non-contact phase tester/ cable break detector (red phase LED flashes)
  • pinpointed and powerful high luminous power LED torch
  • buzzer and LED power are individual adjustable in 4 steps
  • integrated self-test for LED’s, LED torch and buzzer
  • low battery indication
  • required set of batteries: 3 x 1.5 V Mignon/ AA/ LR06
  • rear of the unit with magnet and belt clip
  • measurement category: CAT lll 300 V
  • shock and impact resistant housing
DUTEST®  pro
LED indication 3 x yellow, 2 x red
acoustic continuity test loud test buzzer up to 100 Ω
visual continuity test (yellow LED) 0 – 100 Ω/ 1 kΩ/10 kΩ
voltage range 6 – 400 V AC/ DC (50 Hz – 60 Hz)
single-pole external conductor test (phase) yes
polarity test (+/ -) yes
non-contact cable break detection yes
luminous LED torch yes, adjustable to four levels
magnetic suspension and belt clip yes
safety DIN EN 61010-1
measuring category CAT III 300 V
batteries 3 x 1.5 V batteries of type AA/ LR06
scope of delivery incl. set of measuring leads
item no. 050156
instruction manual Download
Video (German) .mp4(ca. 70 MB)
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